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This game review focuses on Fruletta, a video slot from game provider Endorphina. Fruletta is a real ‘old-fashioned’ slot machine, but with a new modern look. In a royal blue game environment you dive into the deepest depths of the ocean in search of sea treasures. OnlineGamblingPortal pulled a diving mask over the nose and looked for the positive and negative characteristics of the Fruletta video slot.

Fruletta video slot: introduction

In this game you play on a 5×3 game grid. The grid is enclosed in a royal blue background, referring to the clear blue water in the deep oceans on Earth.

The minimum bet per spin is $/€ 0.01 cents. A maximum of $/€90.00 can be wagered per spin in an attempt to score the maximum win. There are a total of nine paylines on which prizes can fall.

The Return to Player is quite low at Fruletta. Endorphina indicates in her own game information that the RTP is at 90.03 percent. That’s nearly six percent lower than the overall average for online slots.

Frulette screenshot

A screenshot of Endorphina’s Fruletta slot machine.

Fruletta slot: How does it work?

Fruletta is a Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) approved online casino game with a fruity design and glittering gold colored sea treasures. Dive into the sunniest slot of 2021 and reap the rewards of this visit by scoring paylines.

If you pop up a golden bell, this Wild symbol will replace all other symbols and you can start working on participating in the wildly exciting bonus game. And that’s where the fattest fish can be caught!

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Symbols and symbol value

The lower symbols in this game are the cherries (maximum payout $/€0.10 cents), plums (max. $/€0.20 cents), oranges (max. $/€0.50 cents), lemons (max. $/€1.00 ) and the grapes (max. $/€2.00). You win when three matching symbols land on a payline. The payline can start from the first, second and third reel.

The prize pool gets a lot bigger if you manage to spin five melons on a payline. The bonus is then $/€ 5.00.

It really gets fun with five bells – which also function as wild symbols. You then take $/€ 20.00 extra play money per payline for your bankroll. With five Lucky Number 7 symbols, the payout bonus even increases to $/€ 50.00! And then we are already talking about very nice amounts.




























Fruletta video slot: features

This game contains some nice gadgets, also called features. You can already benefit from this in the base game, but the real fun only starts when you make it to the bonus game.

Wild symbol

The clock symbol is one of the highest paying symbols in this game and also serves as a wild at the same time. If you spin a clock on the grid, it can form a payline with all other symbols.

Risk Game

If you have scored a payline with or without the help of the Wild symbol, you can try to increase your winnings in the Risk Game. You will be presented with a random playing card. Do you think the next card is higher than the playing card shown? Then you can click green. Are you right? Then your winnings are doubled. You can do this up to five times in a row.

Bonus game

In the bonus game it gets really interesting, because here you can score the big bonuses. If you spin three or more bonus symbols on the game grid, you will end up in a roulette environment.

Three random symbols at the bottom of the screen show which symbols on the roulette table yield money. On the side you can see the paytable for all symbols in this bonus game. If the roulette table spins one of the symbols shown at the bottom, you get a nice win. Is the roulette on collect? Then all the prizes collected up to that point are paid out and the bonus game ends.

When can Fruletta be played in my favorite online casino?

Fruletta was launched by Endorphina Gaming on June 7, 2021. Since that day, the slot can be played in all Endorphina casino platforms for fun or real money.

What is the maximum RTP at Fruletta?

The Return to Players percentages at Fruletta are quite low. Endorphina has marketed the game with an RTP of up to 90.03 percent.

Does Fruletta have a base and bonus game?

Of course! If you spin three bonus symbols, you will land on a roulette table. Do you score the same symbols on that table as on your board at the bottom of the screen? Then you win very high bonuses!

Fruletta slot: final assessment

Online Gambling Portal gives Fruletta 3.5 stars. The game is well put together, is clear in design and has enough extras to keep you busy for a long time. The bonus game is not very easy to get to. We played the demo game and had to bet a lot to be able to play the bonus game five times. Twice we took big wins from three to five thousand euros, twice we won nothing and once we returned to the base game with 500 euros in profit. This statistic confirms the low RTP, because to reach the bonus game we had to dig deep into our pockets.

The same game with a higher hit probability had a top rating, now Fruletta is rated 3.5 stars which is still above average!

Best Endorphina Casinos.

Below are three top casinos where you can play Fruletta safely and responsibly. The listed casinos are accredited by OnlineGamblingPortal:

  1. Wild Tornado Casino
  2. Dasist Casino
  3. Pino Casino

Best Endorphina Casinos

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