WARNING: Betmasters Brands Are Blacklisted at NOGP – Here is Why

Betmasters, Casinoin.io & Bongo.gg are blacklisted!

As of right now, NOGP has decided to block all 3 sites that are under the ownership of the Betmasters brand. These sites include Betmaster, which is an online sportsbook, and two additional online casinos that go by the name Casinoin and Bongo Casino. The reason why these three brands are now blacklisted is because they have failed to provide the proper services to their registered players. Below is an explanation of the whole situation.

The Reason Why Betmasters Brands are Blacklisted at NOGP

As just stated, online casinos serve the players who are looking for entertainment and fun and win many rewards along the way. Betmasters have failed to live up to the expectations as this brand did not pay out a certain reward to a registered player. The identity of the player will remain a secret due to security reasons, but here is what happened.

This person was a registered player at one of the platforms owned by Betmasters. After the player won a prize of €22,000 on one of the games at Casinoin, the site decided not to cash out the reward. Not only that, but the admins decided to apply even stricter measures and even blocked the account. Read the complaint here.

Even though the player won the reward fair and square and did not play against the rules, Betmasters decided to treat her most harshly for something that she did not do. Offended by this decision, the player contacted and informed numerous websites of these events, but to no avail.

These types of actions are not acceptable, which is why NOGP decided to cut ties with Betmasters at the moment and blacklist all of its brands – Betmaster, Casinoin, and Bongo Casino.

NOGP Reaction

When the NOGP team was informed of these events, we contacted an affiliate manager at Betmasters via Skype. The manager forwarded the complaint to the Head of Marketing, but we heard nothing from that point on.

At first, NOGP mailed the Support team at Casinoin and informed them that they are yet to respond to the complaints. It was stated that this course of action is totally unacceptable, which is why they were handed a 24-hour deadline to respond to the complaint, or else, they will be blacklisted.

The complaint was never answered. After a few unanswered emails, NOGP warned Casinoin that if they do not come up with an answer in the next five days, NOGP will issue a statement in which all the players will be notified that the Betmasters brands will be blacklisted and that players should stay away from those sites.

Additionally, NOGP has asked Casinoin to provide proof that the player that won the €22,000 prize did use a double account as the casino stated. Casinoin had a total of seven days to come up with a solution/answer to this scenario.

What Should the Players Do?

NOGP always stands for fair treatment and fair games. This type of behaviour is hence unacceptable, which is why all players should not engage with any of the three brands owned by Betmasters until this whole situation is resolved.

This proves that even when a player wins a certain prize most fairly, they can be treated harshly, which is exactly how Casinoin treated a certain registered player. Again, online casinos should always provide entertainment to the players, and this scenario is the total opposite of that.

Just a reminder, the three blacklisted brands by NOGP are:

  • Betmaster
  • Casinoin
  • Bongo Casino

NOGP will inform the players of all new developments in this situation.

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