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Lightning Baccarat information
Evolution Gaming
Live Casino Game
Release January 30, 2020
Bet range £/$/€0,20 – £/$/€2000
RTP 98.76%
Opening hours 24/7
Resolution HD, High of Medium
Compatibility Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
Rating [yasr_overall_rating]

If you’ve enjoyed other Lightning games from industry-powerhouse Evolution Gaming, the leader in B2B Live Casino services than you’ll be happy to know that Lightning Baccarat is here.  First presented at ICE 2020, this is the third entry in the series, following Lightning Dice and Lightning Roulette. This is the first one to embrace cards and combine RNG multipliers with live table action. If you haven’t played the other games, then get ready for the fabulous Art Deco setting, the crackle of lightning, and top-end sound effects for an all-around electrifying gaming experience.

How does Lightning Baccarat work?

If you already know how to play your standard game of Baccarat, then you should be able to pick up this variation fairly quickly. Lightning Baccarat is played with 8 standard 52-card decks, like most Baccarat games. These are previously shuffled, and the dealer draws them from a shoe. Your objective is to guess if Player or Banker will win the round by having a hand closes in value to 9. You can also bet on a Tie, and there are two additional bets, a Player Pair, and a Banker Pair.

Evolution Gaming's Lightning Baccarat live

A screenshot of Lightning Baccarat.

Cards from 2 to 9 produce their face values, Aces are ranked as 1s, and 10s, as well as face cards, are worth zero. Before the dealer gives out the cards, players must put down their bets and accept a 20% Lightning fee. The lightning cards (the multipliers) are chosen at random, up to five. They have a multiplier value of up to 8x. If one of them is in a player’s winning hand, they will boost his win by their associated multiplier. If a winning hand has more than one lightning card, these will multiply each other.

Massive payouts await, and Evolution gaming offsets their risk by charging the 20% fee on all bets.

Lightning Baccarat tips and strategy.

In essence, this is still your regular game of Baccarat, meaning that your standard and well-known tips and strategies apply. An exception is the Tie bet, which most Baccarat players avoid, but might be worth a try here if you have the bankroll for it. The multipliers can make a difference, thou, the house edge is too high. You can’t influence the game in any significant way, so, it’s best to focus on your bet types and the bet sizes you choose to play. The two side-bets payout using 9:1 odds and have a house edge of 11.65%, each.

Watch our Lightning Baccarat gameplay video.

Our Lightning Baccarat live game review.

If you love Baccarat and are looking for a variation that adds a unique twist with potentially huge wins, this might be the game for you. The multipliers are the highlights of the game and the reason to play. There’s also a roadmap feature that shows the results from the current shoe and a peek into the other player’s bets. The Lightning Fee of 20% is a heavy tax, but the potential rewards are worth it. Overall, Lightning Baccarat provides a visually immersive experience, that isn’t short on gaming satisfaction.

What’s the maximum amount I can win?

Evolution Gaming has capped the max winnings at £/$/€500,000.

What’s the house edge on a tie bet?

The house edge on a tie bet in Lightning Baccarat is 5.49%, while in regular Baccarat it’s 14.36%.

What’s the payout percentage?

The payout percentage in Lightning Baccarat on a player’s bet is 98.76%.

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