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Evolution Gaming
Live Casino casino game
Release April 24, 2019
Bet range £/$/€0,20 – £/$/€5000
RTP 97.22%
Opening hours 24/7
Resolution HD, High of Medium
Compatibility Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
Rating [yasr_overall_rating]

Evolution Gaming’s Live Super Sic Bo can be played since April 24, 2019 at the online casinos that offer live casino games from Evolution. The game is based on the traditional dice game from Southeast Asia and is also known as Tai Sai or Dai Siu (this means Big Small). The game can also be called Cu Sic (guess the stones). In this article we will tell you everything about Evolution Gaming’s Live Super Sic Bo casino game that actually does not deviate from the traditional Sic Bo in terms of game rules. Evolution Gaming has of course added something unique to the game: every round random multipliers are placed that can increase your bet up to 1000 times. Curious how it works? Then read on. If you don’t feel like reading our review, you can scroll directly to view our top accredited Evolution Gaming Casinos.

How does Evolution Gaming’s Super Sic Bo work?

Just like the traditional game, the intention here is to predict which combinations of eyes are thrown with the dice. As we wrote in the introduction, Evolution Gaming has added something unique to the traditional game, namely random multipliers that can go up to 1000 times the stake. As soon as the player can no longer bet and the dice are shuffled, zero to multiple random bet positions on the bet table are provided with a multiplier. If you have bet on the combination of the eyes of the dice and if there is a multiplier on it, you will get your bet with the corresponding multiplier.

Super Sic Bo Live Croupier

Super Sic Bo Live Croupier

Live Super Sic Bo can therefore pay a lot higher than the traditional Sic Bo. Depending on the bet type you can win 1:1 to 180:1 in the traditional game. Evolution Gaming’s Super Sic Bo can win 1:1 to 999:1. You can read more about the payouts later in our article.

Live Super Sic Bo is available on desktop, mobile and tablet and can be played from a minimum of £/$/€0.20 to a maximum of £/$/€5000 per round. The game has a payout percentage of 97.22% and is played with three regular dice with one to six eyes. The intention is therefore, as we have written before, to predict the outcome of these dice by choosing one or more combinations on the bet table.

Super Sic Bo Live - Inzet plaatsen

A screenshot of Evolution Gaming’s Super Sic Bo Live game where a bet has been placed.

Live Super Sic Bo betting options.

Below we will give a brief explanation of the different betting options at Evolution Gaming’s Live Super Sic Bo. These actually do not deviate from the traditional variant but we understand that not everyone knows the game.

  • Small/Big: place your bet on a total of three dice. Small (4-10) or Big (11-17). The bet does not count for a Triple win (three dice with the same number).
  • Odd/Even: place your bet on an odd or even number. This bet also does not count for a Triple victory.
  • Total: you can also bet on one or more Total positions. These are the numbers 4 to 17. You win when the total of the dice is equal to the number you bet on.
  • Single: at the bottom of the bet table you will see letters one to six. These are the six face values of the dice. If you bet on this, you win if at least one die shows the number you bet on. The more dice on this number fall, the higher the payout.
  • Double: there are also six positions to bet on Double. At least two dice must show the same number. If all three dice show the same number, you will receive the same payout.
  • Triple: In addition to Doubles, there are also six Triple positions that you can bet on. You win when all three dice show the same number that you bet on.
  • Any Triple: if you bet on this you win when all three dice show the same number. It does not matter which number this is.
  • Combination: there are also 15 possible combinations on the bet table. When you bet on this you win when two dice form this combination.
Live Super Sic Bo inzet tafel

The bet table of Evolution Gaming’s Super Sic Bo.

Live Super Sic Bo payouts.

All combinations each give their own payout. This payout may be higher due to the random multiplier. That is why we have listed the standard payouts and maximum payouts in a table below. Not every betting option can get a multiplier. With some betting options of Evolution Gaming’s Live Super Sic Bo, the maximum payout is therefore the same as the regular payout. You can multiply the value below by the total bet on the bet you placed.

Bet section

Standard Payout

Max. multiplier













Any Triple






4 or 17



5 or 16



6 or 15



7 or 14



8 or 13



9 or 12



10 or 11



Single Single



Single Double



Single Triple



Our Live Super Sic Bo review.

2019 is definitely the year of Evolution Gaming. This top software provider releases one hit after the other. Also think of Monopoly Live and Deal or No Deal live. If you like dice games, Super Sic Bo is definitely for you. But even if you want to try something new, this live casino game is for you. The game is in particular popular in Asia and Evolution Gaming ensures that the game becomes popular worldwide. Live Super Sic Bo is a good alternative if you want something completely different than the Roulette, Blackjack or Baccarat tables. It is a game with a lot of potential and huge profits. We give the game 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Live Super Sic Bo - Dobbelstenen

A screenshot of the Live Super Sic Bo where the dices roll.

Play live Super Sic Bo.

Below we have placed our top 10 accredited Evolution Gaming Casinos where you can play the Live Super Sic Bo game. To play Super Sic Bo we recommend top casinos like LeoVegas Casino, All British Casino, Casino Heroes or Frank & Fred Casino. If you prefer to play the game at another casino, you can view our top accredited online casinos with Evolution software below.

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